Lucas currently resides in the small Village of Government Camp, OR. Situated at 4,000 ft on the flanks of Mount Hood, he works primarily as a ski cabin manager for Reed College. With a cozy 2nd floor room, the cabin has been his home for the past 2 winter seasons.

Along with his duties as manager, Lucas also lends a hand at Reed as an Outdoor Specialist, leading trips and teaching PE courses on campus. In the off season he moves to the bed of the Red Ranger (his truck) and in past years has covered everywhere from Washington to Wisconsin to find adventure wherever it may lie.

Lucas writes a monthly column for The Mountain Times and is a regular contributor to the online Mt Hood Magazine. And in addition to his own website, he just started blogging for Adventure Bay Media as the Alfresco Bum.

Currently he holds certification as a Wilderness First Responder and American Mountain Guide Association Top Rope Site Manager. Other work and life experiences include City Youth Program Manager, Ski Patroller, Thru-hiker, winter camping Guide, rock climbing Instructor, sea kayak Instructor, flat water canoe Instructor, runner, inline skater, and surfer.

After graduating from the University of Minnesota Duluth in 2006 with a BAS degree in Recreation & Outdoor Education, Lucas moved to Missoula, MT to work with the Parks and Recreation Department. Six months later he found himself heading further west into the High Cascades of Oregon. His drivers license might be issued in Montana, but home to Lucas is defined more by the connection to a place rather than by where he stores his gear.

Being a self proclaimed "collector of hobbies," Lucas prides himself on the array of experiences he has under his 28 year old belt. From coordinating the Student Outdoor Educator Conference while a student at UMD to getting his first story published in 2007, Lucas continues to thrive in a lifestyle that has him out of doors more than in. Living within his means, he places value in appreciating his surroundings, learning, laughing, and maintaining a healthy balance between mind, body, and soul. He won't have anything less.

If Lucas has it his way, not only will he and his dog, Tischer, continue to explore and play outside, but he'll go on teaching others about outdoor pursuits. He'll also use words and film to capture it along the way. His current project is co-planning a circumnavigation of Lake Superior by kayak with his good friend Greg Petry. The adventure has been titled Superior Dreams and include plans for a film and guide book.

Please reach me using the following with any questions, comments and potential writing or gear review opportunities.

218.428.2318 cell

P.O. Box 33
Government Camp, OR 97028